What Is Air Freight?

Air freight is a mode of transporting goods and cargo via an air carrier. Also referred to as air cargo, goods are packed and then flown all around the world on commercial or charter flights.

Here at AGI we specialise in offering International air freight services, and we work with a wide range of carriers to provide this service.

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What Are The Major Advantages Of Using Air Freight services?

If you are working to a really tight deadline, or are looking for a high-speed freight service, air freight would be the mode of choice. By shipping your cargo by air, you benefit from transporting goods over a long distance in a short period of time.

For more information on the benefits of using our air freight services, please click below.

Advantages of Air Freight
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Streamlined Air Freight Services with Optional Collection

At AGI Global Logistics, our air freight services combine efficiency, flexibility, and convenience. Our services extend beyond the traditional norms, offering optional collection services to simplify your logistics process.

Choose from a range of collection options tailored to your schedule; Door-to-door, airport-to-door, or a custom collection. You can even opt for scheduled collections or on-demand pickups based on your needs, with flexible timing to accommodate urgent or time-sensitive shipments.

Air Freight Solution

Real-Time Tracking of Your Air Cargo

Experience the confidence and control that comes with real-time tracking. Benefit from transparency and reliability throughout your air cargo’s shipment with online tracking of your cargo from the moment of collection. Access updates and monitor the progress of your cargo at your convenience.

Contact us today to learn more about our real-time tracking features and receive an air freight quote. Our dedicated customer support team will assist you throughout the collection and shipping process.

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Air Freight

Aviation Security Accreditation

The air freight industry is a highly sensitive and rigorously regulated sector. All air freight must meet airport security criteria and be accompanied by the correct documentation. To ensure a prompt and delay-free journey for your air freight, we offer a full air freight accreditation service.

We can provide pre-shipment x-ray examinations of all your goods, and this will help to ensure that they are not delayed during customs inspections. Our in-house customs clearance service is meticulous and will provide you with all the essential paperwork for transporting your goods via the international air delivery network.

If you are looking for air freight services you can count on, look no further than AGI!

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Air Freight

Specialist Charter & Freighter Flights For Air Shipping

When you require larger shipments to be delivered, or you are shipping specialist cargo, we can offer a charter flight service. This service is subject to no size or weight restrictions, and comes with full aviation security accreditation.

Whatever the contents of your air freight, we’ll provide a safe and secure passage for your goods, using market-leading web-based forwarding software to complete all forwarding paperwork on your behalf.

We also assess market rate fluctuations in order to offer you the most cost-effective rates for your shipments.

So get in touch with the team at AGI to discuss your International air freight needs today!

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Explore Top Air Freight Destinations with Our Reliable Services

When you choose AGI, you can count on our seamless and efficient air freight services that connect you to key destinations worldwide. Our global network ensures timely and secure deliveries, making us the preferred choice for international air freight. Explore the top air freight destinations served by our expert logistics team:

1. North America:
Major Hubs: New York, Los Angeles & Chicago.

2. Europe:
Strategic Gateways: Frankfurt, London & Amsterdam.

3. Asia-Pacific:
Central Hubs: Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo & Mumbai.

4. Middle East:
Key Airports: Dubai, Doha & Riyadh.

5. South America:
Prominent Airports: São Paulo, Buenos Aires & Bogota.

6. Africa:
Strategic Gateways: Johannesburg, Nairobi & Cairo.

7. Oceania:
Central Points: Sydney, Auckland & Melbourne.

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Comprehensive Air Freight & Logistics Services

Did you know we can provide a complete solution to all your air freight & logistical requirements? With decades of industry experience, we can help you to find the most efficient solution to transport your cargo.

We provide a comprehensive customs clearance service to help the smooth transition of your cargo from country to country. We can complete all essential documentation on your behalf and advise on the latest transportation legislation.

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Why Choose Our Air Freight Services?

Our extensive network covers key destinations worldwide. Combine that with tailored air freight options and timely deliveries backed by a commitment to quality service, and AGI Global Logistics is a clear choice.

Track your shipment in real-time for peace of mind, with cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on speed. Partner with us for unparalleled air freight services, ensuring your shipments reach their destination swiftly and securely. Contact us today for a personalised air freight quote tailored to your specific requirements.

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Air Freight Services: Our Happy Customers

The AGI team are both incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Through our dedicated contact at AGI we are able to get the service and quality we require to continue our core value of having efficient business processes.

AGI have assisted our business by putting service first at all times, and the biggest strength of AGI is their communication and flexibility. They have forged strong working relationships not only with ourselves but with our 3PL partner – AGI are our preferred partner in the UK, and I would have no hesitation in recommending AGI.

Quick responses, helpful and friendly. I would recommend AGI.

For over 3 years now AGI have been our go-to company for logistics. We cannot speak highly enough of their can do attitude, great prices and top notch service levels. A truly A1 company!

The AGI team have been outstanding in supporting our requirements. They go above and beyond…..Look no further.

The AGI team are always willing to go the extra mile to help us with all our Road freight or Courier needs. They will always try to find the best price and service for you. I would recommend.

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Air Freight

As well as getting your goods where they need to be, on time, we also offer a full air freight accreditation service, including pre-shipment x-ray examinations to reduce delays during customs inspections.

Air Freight
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Express Courier Service
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UK Distribution

Air Freight FAQ's

What is an air freight service?

An air freight service is a shipping solution that utilises an aircraft to transport goods quickly and efficiently from one location to another. It is a key component of the global logistics network, providing swift delivery for time-sensitive and high-value shipments.

How much does it cost to air freight?

The cost of air freight varies based on factors such as the weight, dimensions, and destination of the cargo. Our air freight services offer competitive pricing tailored to your specific shipping needs. Contact us for a personalised quote to get accurate pricing information.

What is the difference between air freight and air cargo?

While the terms are often used interchangeably, air freight generally refers to the service of transporting goods via air, encompassing the entire process. On the other hand, air cargo is the actual goods being transported. In essence, air cargo is what is shipped using the air freight service.

What are the different air freight services?

Our air freight services cover a wide range of options to meet diverse shipping needs:

Express Air Freight: Ideal for urgent shipments requiring the fastest delivery.
Consolidated Air Freight: Cost-effective solution for less time-sensitive shipments.
Charter services: Tailored, exclusive flights for large or special cargo.
Door-to-Door Air Freight: Seamless shipping from your location to the final destination.

Is air freight cheaper than sea shipping?

While air freight is generally more expensive than traditional sea shipping, it offers unparalleled speed and efficiency. The cost-effectiveness depends on the nature and urgency of your shipment. We work closely with clients to find the most cost-efficient air freight solutions, tailored to your requirements.

What are the three types of air freight carriers?

Commercial Airlines: Utilising available cargo space on passenger flights.
Cargo Airlines: Specialised carriers dedicated exclusively to freight transportation.
Charter Airlines: Providing exclusive, on-demand flights for specific cargo needs.