International Sea Freight Shipping Solutions

Are you looking to transport sizeable cargo, whilst keeping costs as low as possible? For shipments that aren’t time-sensitive and can be considered non-urgent, shipping via sea freight will be the best option for your delivery. Suitable for large shipments, from single pallets, to a full container load (FCL), choose AGI Global Logistics for your next shipment!

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Sea Freight Solutions

Often referred to as ocean freight, here at AGI, we specialise in sea freight solutions for organisations across the globe. As we work with a wide range of carriers, we are able to offer a Full Container Load (FCL) or a Part Load (LCL) transport service to suit your varying requirements.

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Why choose AGI for your Sea Freight Services?

When cost is crucial and time isn’t of the essence, sea freight can be the best mode to ship your cargo. As a typical cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers, it means sea freight is often the most cost-effective mode for transporting your goods all around the world.

And thanks to the volume of containers we ship, we are able to offer the very best container shipping rates on all Full Container Loads (FCL) or a Part Loads (LCL) that are placed with us.

If you are working to tight deadlines, we can provide consolidation services from the destinations we ship to, ensuring you achieve the fastest possible route for your cargo.

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What Are The Benefits of Sea Freight Shipping?

There are many benefits of a sea freight shipping solution. Take a look below at the top advantages of a sea freight solution:

  • Rates: Cost-effective mode of shipping cargo over long distances, with competitive rates on FCL and LCL.
  • Sustainability: An environmentally friendly option for shipping your goods all around the world.
  • Global Network: Shipments available via logistics partners to 6 continents.
  • Availability: The capacity of a typical cargo ship means availability is often excellent.
  • Consolidation: Faster shipping times available with our consolidation services.
  • Flexibility: Both containers and trailers can be shipped via sea, with trailers shipped on ro ro cargo ships.
  • Onward Travel: Ports are typically less congested than airports and the road network, leading to faster turn around times.
  • Cargo size: Sea freight shipping allows for containers of various sizes and types to be shipped together, including Out Of Gauge (OOG) cargo.

From collection to delivery, you can leave the process in our hands! If you have a requirement for our ocean freight services, just click contact us below to discuss your requirements with us today!


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Sea Freight Shipping: Our Happy Customers

The AGI team are both incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Through our dedicated contact at AGI we are able to get the service and quality we require to continue our core value of having efficient business processes.

AGI have assisted our business by putting service first at all times, and the biggest strength of AGI is their communication and flexibility. They have forged strong working relationships not only with ourselves but with our 3PL partner – AGI are our preferred partner in the UK, and I would have no hesitation in recommending AGI.

Quick responses, helpful and friendly. I would recommend AGI.

For over 3 years now AGI have been our go-to company for logistics. We cannot speak highly enough of their can do attitude, great prices and top notch service levels. A truly A1 company!

The AGI team have been outstanding in supporting our requirements. They go above and beyond…..Look no further.

The AGI team are always willing to go the extra mile to help us with all our Road freight or Courier needs. They will always try to find the best price and service for you. I would recommend.

Sea Freight Destinations

Here at AGI, we offer international sea freight services to locations all around the world, working with logistics partners on six continents to provide sea freight solutions to Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America & Australasia.

If you are looking to ship cargo internationally, and have a requirement for sea freight solutions, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements!

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Sea Freight Solutions To Suit You

Whatever your requirements, we have a solution to suit. We specialise in providing Less-than-Container Load (LCL), Full Container Load (FCL) and Out Of Gauge (OOG) services that cater to all your shipping needs. With our extensive experience and global network, we ensure a seamless shipping experience that will exceed your expectations.

Less-Than-Container Load Services

Our LCL services make shipping smaller volume cargo across the world simple, reliable and efficient.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Our LCL services are designed to provide a cost-effective solution for those looking to send smaller shipments that may not fill an entire container. By consolidating multiple shipments into one container, we optimise space utilisation and pass on the cost benefits to you.

Flexibility and Efficiency: No matter the size of your shipment, our LCL services offer the flexibility to transport goods of various quantities. You can rely on us to efficiently handle your cargo, ensuring safe and timely delivery to the destination.

Global Reach: Thanks to our extensive network of partners and agents worldwide, we can transport your LCL shipments to virtually any destination across the globe. Our experts will assist you in navigating complex customs regulations and documentation, ensuring a hassle-free shipping process.

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Full Container Load Services

Our FCL (Full Container Load) services can be provided anywhere in the world; no matter what the destination, we’ll ship your freight on time and on budget worldwide.

Exclusive Use of Containers: When you have enough cargo to fill an entire container, our FCL services offer exclusive use of the container, providing enhanced security and minimising the risk of damage during transit.

Faster Transit Times: FCL shipments typically benefit from faster transit times compared to LCL, as they do not require intermediate stops for consolidation. This means your goods reach their destination promptly, allowing for better planning and inventory management.

Customisable Options: With FCL services from AGI, you have the flexibility to load and arrange your cargo according to your specific requirements. This allows for easier loading and unloading at both origin and destination, reducing handling times.

Cost-Efficiency: If you have a substantial volume of goods, FCL services often offer a more cost-effective solution compared to LCL. By maximising the container’s capacity, you can benefit from our competitive shipping rates.

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Ro Ro Freight Services

When it comes to shipping trailers, our Ro Ro service fits the bill perfectly!

Ro Ro, or roro, stands for ‘Roll On – Roll Off’, and a specially designed cargo ship is used to transport wheeled cargo, such as trailers. This means you can benefit from time savings, as trailers can be driven straight on for loading, and off when unloading.

Contact us today to discuss our Ro Ro freight service!

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Competitive Sea Freight Pricing And Logistics Support

As one of the most economical ways of sending large amounts of cargo globally, you can count on us to also offer some of the most competitive pricing on the market. Due to our strategically placed locations around the world and 250 network locations across the globe, we’re confident we can provide a service and price you won’t find elsewhere.

We’re also a full-service provider, meaning we can support you with a fully-managed logistics service. With decades of industry experience, we can help you to find the most efficient solution to transport your cargo.

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We provide a comprehensive customs clearance service to help the smooth transition of your cargo from country to country. And we can complete all essential documentation on your behalf and advise on the latest transportation legislation.

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Other Services

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Road Freight

Whether you’re looking for domestic delivery based in the UK, or international shipments around the globe, our fleet spanning small vans to HGVs can get your cargo from A to B.

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Our Services - Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated Transport

Our refrigerated containers are specifically constructed to ensure the safety of your goods during transit. They use the most reliable thermostats in the market, along with the very best temperature-control technology.

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Our Services - Sea Freight

Sea Freight

If you are looking to send shipments whilst keeping costs low, our sea freight services are suitable for all goods, from single pallets, to full container loads (FCL).

Sea Freight Services
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Air Freight

As well as getting your goods where they need to be, on time, we also offer a full air freight accreditation service, including pre-shipment x-ray examinations to reduce delays during customs inspections.

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From Penzance to Inverness, our UK Delivery services go the length and breadth of the UK, offering a door-to-door service.

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Refrigerated Transport

Did you know we can offer you a service to transport your cargo in a refrigerated container?

Also known as a Reefer container, refrigerated containers are equipped with refrigeration units that control the temperature of your goods during transit. From fresh fruit and vegetables, to pharmaceuticals and flowers, if your goods need to be kept at a specific temperature during transit, we have the expertise to provide you with a suitable refrigerated service. Our refrigerated transportation applies to both road freight and sea freight, and allows you to transport specific cargo with confidence.

If you have a requirement for our refrigerated container service, simply click Refrigerated Transport Information for more info!

Refrigerated Transport Information
Reefer Containers

Sea Freight FAQ's

What are sea freight services?

Often referred to as ocean freight, sea freight services refer to the transportation of cargo by sea, utilising ships to move goods from one port to another across different countries and continents. It is a cost-effective and reliable method of shipping various types of cargo, from small packages to large items.

How much does sea freight shipping cost?

The cost of sea freight shipping depends on a variety of factors, including the volume and weight of the cargo, the origin and destination of the shipment, the type of service (FCL or LCL), and any additional services required (e.g. customs clearance). To obtain an accurate quote, it’s best to contact our team regarding the specific details of your shipment.

What are the types of sea freight?

There are two main types of sea freight services:

Full Container Load (FCL): FCL involves shipping goods that occupy an entire shipping container. It is ideal for large shipments or when you want exclusive use of the container to ensure the security and integrity of your cargo.

Less than Container Load (LCL): LCL is suitable for smaller shipments that do not fill a whole container or require additional security. With LCL, multiple shipments from different customers are consolidated into one container, making it a cost-effective option for smaller quantities of cargo.

How does sea freight work?

Sea freight involves several stages:

Booking: Customers book their shipment(s) with the freight forwarding company, providing details of the cargo, origin, and destination.

Consolidation (for LCL): In the case of LCL shipments, cargo from multiple customers is grouped together to fill a container.

Container Loading: The cargo is securely loaded into the container, and for FCL, the entire container is dedicated to one customer’s shipment.

Transportation: The loaded container is transported via sea to the destination port.

Customs Clearance: customs clearance procedures.

Delivery: The cargo is then transported from the destination port to the final delivery location.

What is a full container load or FCL?

Full Container Load (FCL) is a sea freight service where a shipper makes use of an entire shipping container for their cargo, meaning the container is exclusively used for one customer’s goods and no other cargo is loaded inside. FCL is often chosen for its faster transit times, reduced handling, and enhanced security.

What are the advantages of the sea freight service?

Sea freight services offer several advantages:

Cost-Effective: Sea freight is generally more affordable for long-distance and large-volume shipments compared to other transportation/delivery methods.

Suitable for Various Cargo Types: Sea freight can accommodate a wide range of cargo, including both bulky and smaller items.

Global Reach: Sea freight allows for shipping to virtually any international destination with access to ports.

What is a less than container load or LCL?

Less than Container Load (LCL) is a sea freight service where smaller shipments from multiple customers are consolidated into a single container. Since each customer’s cargo shares the container space, LCL is a cost-effective option for those with smaller quantities of goods to ship.

What can I ship by sea freight?

You can ship a wide range of goods by sea freight, including but not limited to:

  • Consumer goods and electronics,
  • Machinery and industrial equipment,
  • Vehicles and automotive parts,
  • Furniture and household items,
  • Clothing and textiles,
  • Building materials and raw materials for manufacturing.
  • Perishable goods (with refrigerated container options), and
  • Hazardous materials (subject to compliance with regulations).

Please note that certain restrictions and regulations may apply to specific types of cargo, so it’s essential to check with our team for any specific requirements.