Customs Declaration Service: Shipping Details

September 12, 2022

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Air Freight

Sea Freight

Information in Data Element Group 5 includes everything about the countries involved in the storage, processing, and movement of the goods. This includes place of origin or manufacture, where the goods were loaded for shipping or transportation, where they were shipped from, where they were imported, and their ultimate destination. This must include accurate dates and times alongside locations.

Countries of origin and destination

When entering information about countries of origin and destination, all Destination Country Codes must be an EU Member State or Territory which the EU has a Customs Union. Understanding the country of origin of a product is particularly important with regards to controlled goods and products of animal origin.

When goods arrive in the UK by air, the distance flown inside the EU is excluded from the value for duty. The CDS will calculate the VAT adjustment based on the percentages from the Airport of Loading code. When information is provided as to the location of any imported goods, all addresses including region must be as accurate as possible.

Timescales, dates, storage, and dispatch

Air Freight

Dates and times of any goods’ journey from origin to destination must be included in the CDS. This enables products to be accurately tracked and monitored. Where goods are kept in storage, detailed information must be provided on the location and time the product has spent in storage.

When products are dispatched, details of any containers, airport/seaport locations, and methods of movement and transportation must be referenced. Details of goods movements and location must be entered at the time of declaration. This will ensure that they are available for examination when required.

For more information about Data Element Group 5 shipping details visit the government website.