Navigating customs regulations in the post-Brexit world and Scandinavian markets

June 30, 2021

AGI News

Here at AGI Global Logistics AS, we are an invaluable transport link to the whole of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, whilst we also work closely with our Immingham office.

Our close relationship with our sister company is an important part of our UK freight services, whilst our European transport networks and knowledge of trading outside the European Union has helped them, especially since Brexit.

Trading to and from the UK in a post-Brexit world

As we are based in Norway, a country that has always been outside of the European Union, we have been responsible for transporting goods to and from non-EU states to EU states and non-EU states to other non-EU states for years, navigating many, often complex customs regulations. We even have a bonded warehouse to take care of all import, export and formalities.

So, since the UK left the EU in 2020 and because we have a very close working relationship with our Immingham office, our wealth of knowledge has helped them to navigate many hitherto unfamiliar customs regulations and helped to ensure the smooth flow of goods to and from the UK.

Working together and with trade partners across Scandinavia

We offer domestic freight services across the whole of Norway, serve Sweden and Denmark daily and transport goods to and from Finland several times a week. So, as our Immingham office also concentrates on core markets across the Nordic regions, we’ve got the whole area covered between us.

Our speciality is road freight, navigating the notoriously long distances and icy conditions that Norway is renowned for daily. These difficulties have made it important for us to find reliable trade partners across the country to secure deliveries, a challenge that we have handled expertly since we were established in 2019. However, we also serve weekly destinations in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy weekly along with other destinations in Europe several times a week.

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