Port of Baltimore Update

May 10, 2024

AGI News

Sea Freight

Following the incident involving the Dali cargo ship that closed the Port of Baltimore in March, the full reopening of the port is now in sight.

Pete Buttigieg, the US Secretary of Transportation, confirmed to the BBC that he was “fully confident that by the end of May” the Port of Baltimore would be ready for normal operations.

Since the incident, the US Army Corp of Engineers, the US Navy, and Maryland authorities have been working to re-float the Dali. It has also been confirmed that the goal is to re-float the Dali by 10th May (today). This will allow for the 50-foot deep channel to reopen at the end of the month.

Alternative channels have been open since the incident. This allowed the port to remain open, but for the port to return to full operational capacity, the opening of the deepest channel is essential, as it allows all vessels access to and from the port.

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