T2 Forms – Your guide to exporting to the EU

January 18, 2023

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For goods and cargo to cross borders during transport within the EU, a T2 document is issued. In this article, we’ll explore what a T2 document is, how a T2 document works, and why you need them.

What is a T2 shipping document?

Similar to a T1 form, a T2 is a transit document that allows community goods that have been manufactured in the EU or EFTA states to pass through duty unpaid (usually through an area outside the Customs Union). The T2 transit procedure is an internal EU transit procedure, but is also applies for transports in the below customs territories:

  • Canary Islands
  • French overseas departments and territories (French Guyana, Martinique, Réunion)
  • The British Channel Islands
  • Athos
  • Aland-Island
  • San Marino
  • Andorra

The above only applies to maritime traffic. For other types of transport, you may be required to use the T2LF.

How does a T2 document work?

When using a T2, the goods and cargo you are transporting will maintain the EU customs status. When in Europe this doesn’t matter as EU goods import charges do not have to be paid, but if you have to leave the EU temporarily during the transport, import charges would have to be paid if you didn’t have a T2. 

With the T2 customs document, you can import and export from a country outside of the EU free of duty and tax, with the only requirement being that the country participates in the agreement.

What do I need to prepare for a T2 form?

The T2 transit procedure can be initiated at the place of the departure. Similarly to the T1 form and for export customs clearance, you will need:

You’ll also need information about the consignor and consignee, the amount of packages and the weight of each package, the number of seals, and the customs tariff number.

How long do I have to close off a T2 form?

Once the application is submitted, you have a seven day period to present the goods to customs. They will then check the identity, the amount, or property of the goods, and then the transit procedure requires a security deposit, which is the estimated import charges of the destination country.

The T2 transit procedure will be closed at the destination country.

Need to prepare a T2 form?

If you have any questions about the T2 transit document and the application process, or would like to arrange one, contact the team today!

How can we help?

There are lots of rules when it comes to shipping goods across borders, and many businesses choose to use freight companies with specific knowledge and experience in this area. Whether your shipping needs include air, road, rail, or sea, we have a wealth of experience shipping goods all around the world. To find out more about how we can help, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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