What Are The Benefits Of An Air Freight Solution?

November 22, 2023

Air Freight

When it comes to shipping goods all over the world, there are many options; air freight, road freight, sea freight and rail freight. In our latest article we look at the benefits of an air freight solution, so read on to find out more!


What is air freight?

Air freight is a mode of transporting goods and cargo via an air carrier. Also referred to as air cargo, goods and flown all around the world on commercial or charter flights.

Air freight is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive domestic and international shipments.


So what are the benefits of an air freight solution?

Air freight offers several benefits that make it a preferred choice for certain shipments. Here are some key advantages of air freight:

Speed: By shipping your cargo by air, you benefit from transporting goods over a long distance in a short period of time. When you ship goods via air, you also benefit from the connectivity between different countries and continents.

Reliability: As airlines operate regular schedules, it provides reliability for businesses that need guaranteed delivery times. Air travel is highly regulated meaning reliability is closely monitored too.

Flexibility: Due to the regular departures offered by airlines, an air freight solution offers real flexibility in terms of scheduling. This also applies to cargo that requires a connecting flight during the duration of the journey.

Global Connectivity: The sheer number of flight departures means freight can be shipped 24/7 to most locations around the world. Some of the world’s most remote areas can be reached by air, making it an essential form of transport for many.

Inventory Cost Controls: With excellent transit availability, an air freight solution supports Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management. This allows businesses to reduce their storage costs by receiving goods exactly when needed.

Tracking: All major airlines provide real-time air freight tracking, from the moment the aircraft takes off, to the moment it lands. This allows freight forwarders to accurately track air cargo shipments.

Security: The air freight industry is a highly sensitive and regulated sector. All air freight cargo must meet airport security criteria and be accompanied with the correct documentation. Strict security also reduces the risk of theft or damage to goods.

Cost-Effectiveness: While air freight can be more expensive compared to other modes, its speed may justify the air freight cost, especially for time-sensitive goods. Where goods are needed urgently, air freight is the preferred method of transport.


Chartering Flights

When you require larger shipments to be delivered, or you are shipping specialist cargo, a charter flight service can be arranged. This service is subject to no size or weight restrictions, and comes with full aviation security accreditation.

For more information on chartering flights, please click here to read our guide.


In summary

An air freight solution offers a number of key advances. From the speed of transport to the security benefits, it could be the perfect solution for you! If you have an air freight enquiry, contact the team to discuss your requirements by completing the form at the bottom of the page!


So how can we help?

The shipping of goods all around the world can be a complicated process, and that’s where we come in! Here at AGI, we specialise in the safe transport of cargo, providing you with professional air freight solutions. To find out more about our logistics services, and how we can help your business, please get in touch. And for all of the latest AGI news, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook!