Heathrow Office Focus

January 16, 2023

AGI News

Our AGI Heathrow office is run by Matthew Leek, and opened in June 2021. Since opening, the Heathrow office has seen extraordinary growth, so much so, the office has moved a 4 times in 17 months! The team are now settled in a long term office, with lots of space for team expansion and business growth!


The AGI Heathrow TeamAGI Heathrow Team

The 8 strong team at Heathrow have lots of experience in dealing with freight forwarding. In fact, between them, they have over 80 years of experience in the air and sea freight industry!

So if you are looking for a team to handle your freight and logistics, look no further than AGI Heathrow!


Location, Location, Location!

The Heathrow office is strategically located in Egham, just 5 miles from the cargo terminal at London Heathrow airport, and just a couple of miles from the M25 motorway. The M25 links London with the rest of the UK through the extensive motorway network, making the office perfect for handling air cargo that requires onward travel by road too.


Air Freight SpecialismAir charter load #1

Given the location of the office, it’s no surprise the team at AGI Heathrow specialise in air freight. From standard cargo, right up to specialist transit for customers in the space, technology and defence sectors, the team can handle freight of all shapes and sizes!

The team also have experience and expertise in chartering flights for the transit of goods. So if you are looking for a tailor made air freight solution for your goods, get in touch with the team today!

Last year the Heathrow team were given the challenge of arranging a full charter of a Boeing 747d freighter for a VIP client – 10 days later the charter was complete and moved successfully from LHR to JFK!



If you’re looking for a freight forwarder that specialises in air freight, look no further than AGI Heathrow! To find out more about our range of transportation services call 0203 434 6370 or e-mail the team at heathrow@agi.global.