New UK Border Force Rules For 2024

January 17, 2024

AGI News

The UK Government has announced a series of phased changes to Border regulations that will come into effect during 2024, with new Border Force rules being applied on the dates specified below.

These changes are of particular interest to importers of Plants, Animals, Food & Feed System (IPAFFS), with the UK Government publishing a new Border Target Operating Model (BTOM). If you are an IPAFFS importer, this new model is likely to change the process for importing goods into the UK.

Phased implementation dates for the new BTOM:

31 January 2024

From 31st January 2024, all live animals, animal products, animal by products, plants and plant products will be broken down into 3 different risk categories, and the risk categorisation will determine what documents will need to accompany the goods, and the actions required to import the goods. The 3 risk categories are: Low, Medium & High.

Live animal, animal products and animal by products

From 31st January 2024, all medium and high risk goods will require export health certificates, and from this date, you will also need to make a full IPAFFS notification; some products such as plastics used within the food chain, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, which contain animal products, could also require an IPAFFS declaration.

The latest information from DEFRA on the import categories can be found by clicking here.

Plant and plant products

From 31st January 2024, all medium and high risk goods will require a phytosanitary certificate and an IPAFFS pre-notification. Low risk goods will not require an IPAFFS notification.

The vast majority of fruit and vegetables being imported from the EU will be classed as low risk, and therefore not require any pre notification, additional documents or additional checks.

The list of risk categories for EU products can be found by clicking here.

 30 April 2024

From 30th April 2024, document checks, and physical and identity checks will be introduced at designated Border Control Posts. Checks will be based on the risk category.

Existing inspections of high risk plants/plant products from the EU will also move to designated Border Control Posts.

31 October 2024

From 31st October 2024, Safety and Security declarations for EU imports will come into force. Further details will be shared as we get closer to the implementation date.


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