Extensive customs clearance experience

At AGI Global Logistics, we have extensive experience of working with HM Revenue and Customs. We have gathered an in-depth understanding of customs regulations, quotas and allowances to ensure a cost-effective passage of goods. Our customs clearance specialists work daily with customers and other haulage providers, who appreciate our customs clearance expertise. We work in harmony with HMRC through our sophisticated, interactive Customs developed software. We use the very latest IT Systems to research and develop in line with the ever changing requirements. In particular now that we have left the EU. We have a new era of trade and commerce once Brexit takes place in the coming months.


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Customs Clearance for Export and Import Between the UK and the EU

With the next generation Customs system almost upon us to accomodate different scenarios, as at the end of the transition period, key processes and procedures will change. Businesses have the need to be prepared, in particular for the addition of Export and Import declarations for goods moved between the EU and the UK. Rest assured, AGI will be Brexit ready, we are busy undertaking extensive additional training, investment and development for our ever growing team of professionals and locations, to deliver what our clients need.

Find out more about the legislation changes here

Export customs clearance

For the safe and secure export of your goods, we use our DTI links at UK ports particularly from our Folkestone, Harwich and Immingham offices to provide a cost-effective transportation service for your cargo. We can complete all the necessary customs documentation on your behalf to make a full and proper declaration to customs export officials.

We have an in-depth knowledge of regulations which enables us to offer competitive rates on shipping outside the EU. We can supply and complete all the necessary transit documents and can help with commodity codes and border declarations to ensure the safe and swift passage of your cargo.

When you choose AGI Global Logistics to export your goods, we always provide a safe and efficient service for each customer. By utilising our customs clearance experts, you can avoid costly delays and ensure that all your exports meet the latest HM Revenue and Customs legislation.

HM Revenue and Customs legislation

Import customs clearance

Whether you are using AGI Global Logistics vehicles to transport your goods or another carrier, we can organise all the customs clearance documentation on your behalf. With our direct DTI links to all major UK ports and airports, we can ensure that your cargo is properly documented and entered into HM Revenue and Customs so that you pay all the correct taxes and tariffs.

Thanks to our IPR experience, we can offer extremely competitive rates on imports from outside the EU. Whether you are transporting corporate cargo or personal effects, we can tailor our importation service to best suit your requirements. We can offer a range of customs preferences and import licences for both long-term and temporary import movements for all your importation needs.

The customs clearance experts at AGI Global Logistics, have specialist knowledge and industry experience working closely with customs officials. We can offer advice on every stage of the import process from customs clearance and documentary requirements to tariff codes, duty rates and delivery processes. We can also organise DTI license applications on your behalf and offer a comprehensive customs clearance and delivery service for all your imports.


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