What are the top 10 UK exports?

July 5, 2022

AGI News

According to the Office for National Statistics, UK exports in March 2022 grew across every industry. Total export of goods increased by 2.1% equating to an extra £0.6 billion in revenue. Exports to non-EU countries increased by 2.6% (£0.4 billion). While exports to the EU increased by 1.7% (£0.3 billion). These figures do not include the export of precious metals and non-monetary gold.

At AGI, we can arrange for the safe export of all types of goods and cargo. We can provide professional road, sea, and air freight services from the UK to the EU and across the world. Popular UK export industries vary year on year. There are, however, certain exported products for which the UK is world-renowned. So, what are the top 10 UK exports in 2022? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Precious metals production – £22.8 billion

The UK’s precious metals industry is involved in refining precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Once refined the metals are used in a variety of applications including motor vehicle manufacturing, jewellery manufacturing, and computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing.

The precious metal production industry also produces precious metal alloys and metal foil laminates.

2. Aircraft parts – £17.3 billion

UK exports of aircraft parts includes complete aircraft and spacecraft, propulsion units, engines, and other related equipment and components. Customers include both commercial and military organisations, with craft specified for the transport of goods and passengers.

Despite the impact of the Covid pandemic on the aviation industry, exports remain high. This is due, in part, to the industry’s reliance on reserved orders. Airlines and governments often place orders for aircraft well in advance. This helps to insulate the industry from short-term economic instability.

3. Motor vehicles – £14.6 billion

Experts predict that UK motor vehicle manufacturing will continue to grow over the next five years. Demand for passenger cars, commercial vehicles like vans and lorries, and other specialist automobiles remains high.

Demand for new electric vehicles is also predicted to fuel a boom in the UK’s motor vehicle manufacturing industry. Motor vehicles are exported from the UK to locations around the world. At AGI, we work closely with several specialist sea freight forwarders that can offer competitive process on the wholesale export of motor vehicles.

4. Pharmaceuticals – £13.2 billion

AGI refrigerated trailer

The UK is world-renowned for its pharmaceutical production. Several well-established companies manufacture and export a variety of medicines including medical diagnostic preparations, biotech pharmaceuticals, vaccines, vitamins, and antibiotics.

At AGI, our Folkestone branch is heavily involved in the distribution of pharmaceutical products. Our refrigerated lorries are perfect for transporting temperature sensitive medication. And during the Covid pandemic, our lorries were used to import and export vaccination medicines.

5. Refined petroleum – £8.8 billion

UK refineries turn crude oil into products like petrol, diesel, jet fuel, and petroleum-based products including paraffin wax and white spirit. The refined petroleum market is often volatile. Prices fluctuate and the drive to more sustainable sources of energy is causing a reduction in demand.

6. Natural gas and crude petroleum – £7.4 billion

Crude oil and natural gas are extracted from fields both onshore and offshore. The gas and oil can then be exported around the world for refining and turning into usable products.

7. Jewellery – £5.5 billion

Jewellery exports include UK manufactured items using precious and base metals set with precious or semi-precious stones. Other items that incorporate precious metals include watch straps, cigarette cases, and technical laboratory equipment.

8. Clothing – £4.5 billion

Clothing manufacturing in the UK is internationally known for its premium quality. British made clothing is made from a variety of materials and items include workwear, casual wear, formal wear, underwear, and hosiery.

9. Organic basic chemicals – £4.2 billion

Basic organic chemicals include ethylene, propane, and butane. These organic chemicals are manufactured from refined petroleum and are used in a wide variety of consumer goods around the world.

10. Plastics and plastic products – £906 million

Plastics include plastic products such as packaging, building and construction materials and electric and electronic component. It also includes raw materials polymers and waste plastic for recycling.

At AGI, we can export your goods around the world. We have strategic partners based on all six continents and utilise our decades of industry knowledge and expertise to provide one of the most efficient transportation services available today.

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