Are you Brexit ready?

January 29, 2021

AGI News

At AGI Global Logistics, we have prepared all our staff and customers for delays due to Brexit. Fortunately, delays at the ports have been minimal and we are already seeing cargo move more efficiently between the UK and EU. Some truck availability, however, has already been impacted with more EU registered hauliers refusing to deliver to the UK. Those that are prepared to make the journey are increasing rates and imposing strict surcharges for any potential delays.

How will Brexit impact your business?

As a business our primary focus is on you our client. To ensure that we continue to provide the same outstanding service to all our customers, it is essential that we put in place a system of mitigation regarding potential delays due to traffic and customs clearance hold-ups. At this moment, every haulage business importing and exporting between the UK and EU has been affected in some way by Brexit. By preparing well, however, you can reduce the impact to your business and continue to trade.

Below you will find information about additional charges for any delays caused by stoppages at the ports. These will be as follows having come into effect on December 31st, 2020 and will remain in place until the situation improves.


Problems with incorrect customs paperwork

If your cargo is delayed at the ports or during loading/unloading due to incorrect paperwork related issues where AGI is not the broker some charges may be incurred. Contact AGI for more detailed information surrounding different scenarios.

Problems with traffic congestion

If your cargo is delayed due to traffic at the ports of exit or entry, we have established a fair system of fees. The reference point to trigger the surcharge will be the original booked delivery/collection time or the estimated time of arrival once collection has been achieved. If, in addition, the collection/delivery bookings cannot be changed to suit the new estimated time of arrival, charges will continue to be incurred.

The underlying reason for the delay charges is so we as a business can pay hauliers for the delays and continue to attract hauliers to the market, if we do not agree to compensate the hauliers, they will simply withdraw their services and operate within Europe where delays can be avoided. We have as a business taken steps to try and mitigate against this situation by taking on 6 new trailers. These trailers will ease some capacity issues although will not in themselves enable a trouble-free transition.

AGI Global – Protecting future trade


To allow for transparency we will provide GPS evidence to support any delay charges. We would only levy a charge if we have been unable to negotiate a zero charge with the haulier by offering compensation on additional loads that are more logistically attractive and mitigate the lost hours.

At AGI Global, our policy has always been to be fair and open with our customers. We trust that you understand the situation and realise that if we work together, we can greatly improve the probability of covering your freight and ultimately keeping the supply chain moving and the orders satisfied.