Customs Clearance Through AGI Folkestone

March 13, 2023

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Here at AGI we offer professional Customs Clearance management for Imports and Exports through UK Ports and designated Inland Clearance locations. And our team in Folkestone can deal with simple declarations right up to the most complicated regimes!

So What Is Customs Clearance?

It is effectively the process of taking goods through a country’s Customs authority. This applies to both imports and exports, and to get goods through Customs, various documents will need to be filled in correctly. For more information on what Customs Clearance is, please click here.

Our Customs Clearance Service

Our objective is to produce and submit import and export Customs declarations accurately and efficiently. All documents are prepared in advance which prompts a quick release of consignments, leaving no room for subsequent challenge from any Authority.

The team have experience of traffic to and from the EU, with knowledge of presenting a diverse range of goods to HM Revenue and Customs. What’s more, we offer a professional, fast, and efficient service, with a high level of personal service and attention to detail.

We also hold our own Deferment Account to assist Importers without their own facility to account Import Duties and VAT.

Our extensive knowledge of Clearance procedures allows us to provide a comprehensive range of services. And understanding UK import regulations enables us to offer advice and services to Importers on all Customs related matters, including:

Our team of Customs Clearance experts will guide you through the entire process. They will also ensure you have all the correct documentation for hassle free, quick transportation.

Clearing Customs around the world without any unexpected delays relies on having a diligent planning process in place. And at AGI we offer just that. With our comprehensive range of Customs Clearance management and support services, we can keep your supply chain moving!

Customs Tariffs

From a financial perspective, tariff classification is hugely important to get right for businesses that trade internationally. The tariffs influence import duties, excise duties, preferential duties, import VAT, and import and export restrictions. And if you a mistake with your documentation, it may result in your business unnecessarily having to pay substantial costs. Our team are here to make sure this does not happen, so contact us if you have any queries.

With changes to tariffs as a result of Brexit, it makes sense to remain proactive rather than reactive. Our Customs team have a wealth of knowledge that enables them to provide considered and insightful advice on how best to navigate the road ahead for your business.

Import Duty Rates

Did you know import duty rates are assessed by the value of goods coming into any given country? But there are some other costs used in the final calculation of import duty rates too. These can include freight and insurance, depending on the terms of sale. Thankfully, there is potential to get relief on import duties as well as other beneficial options available for businesses importing goods from outside the EU. With the assistance of our seasoned Customs experts, you’ll receive the maximum financial relief possible on import duties into the UK.

Road Freight ClearanceLorry

We can offer you a comprehensive service facilitating all aspects of road freight Customs Clearance. We offer Import and Export Customs Clearance for customers who use GVMS, clearing within a port environment or customers utilising any of the Customs Inland Border Facilities.

With direct links to Customs (CDS) we can arrange completion of Import Entries and Export Accompanying Documents (EAD’s) along with NCTS Declarations (T-form’s) for shipments arriving or departing by road at ports throughout the UK.

Deep Sea ClearanceSea Freight

Our specialist team are on hand to assist you with both Import and Export Customs declarations, for both FCL and LCL Deep Sea inventory linked container movements. We are directly linked to the HMRC Customs Declaration Service (CDS) and have our own badges to facilitate clearances at all the major Deep sea ports and ETSF’s associated to Destin8 and CNS.

Customs Clearance can be a complicated process, so trust the team at AGI Folkestone to keep your goods moving!


If you’re looking for a freight forwarder to help with Customs Clearance, look no further than AGI Folkestone! To find out more about our range of transportation services call 01303 392 956 or e-mail the team at