Involvement in the importation of the Covid vaccine

February 19, 2021

AGI News

2020 was an unprecedented year in modern history. The Covid pandemic has forced people around the world to adapt to new ways of living and working. As we begin to look towards returning to normality, it looks certain that the Covid vaccine is going to play a vital role in protecting people against further outbreaks.

The importance of international collaboration

Europe at night

For the Covid vaccination program to be successful, it is essential that different countries cooperate with each other. This will involve sharing resources to enable the smooth and safe rollout of the vaccine. At AGI, we have been directly involved in the first stage of vaccine transportations and deliveries for the most vulnerable members of society.

We have been performing regular express transport movements on vans and trailers both importing and exporting Covid vaccines. We have been exporting the Astra Zeneca vaccine from Oxford to mainland Europe for use in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Spain. From our Amsterdam offices, we have been importing the Pfizer vaccine to Oxford and also transporting it across Europe to Dublin and Puurs in Belgium.

Efficient transportation in a post-Brexit Europe


All of these vaccine consignments have been express time-sensitive deliveries. We have been dealing with multiple daily consignments which have required the team at AGI to work quickly and efficiently to ensure that all shipments are safely delivered on time without delay.

The rollout has been a huge test for how sensitive cargo can move between the UK and EU post-Brexit. Fortunately, through detailed preparation, we have been able to continue providing our smooth transportation service despite increased regulatory requirements. All consignments of the Covid vaccine have required the new clearances and documentation which have been implemented since the Brexit deal was signed. Through dedication and determination, the transportation experts at AGI have proven that it is still possible to work in conjunction with the EU for our mutual benefit.

If you’re involved in the transportation of goods between the UK and EU and you’d like to find out more about how AGI can ensure the continued flow of freight movement, get in touch today. For more information about any of our transportation services visit or contact us online.